the result of going to bed with an itchy butt
John: Dude, Chris.. why does Paul smell so bad?

Chris: You know how he do... Go bed with itchy butt, wake up with stinky finger.
by occ_dude October 14, 2007
a prank when one puts tneir finger between the tip of their butt cheeks when said asscrack is sweaty. Then the perpetrator proceeds to stick their finger under your nose, in your hair, on your clothes, or elsewhere. Sometimes called a Hitler
That A-hol Just stinky fingered me.
by B. Z. August 30, 2005
What you get after numerous years of removing copenhagen form ones mouth.
Man d judge got one nasty ass stinky finger.
by Battle star galatica June 22, 2007
the act of inserting your finger into some ones asshole after they have just taken a shit and didnt wipe
while jen is doing her hw her dad is taking a huge diaria shit like so big that it takes up the whole toilet and starts leaking out of it and he doesnt wipe after he says to her daughter jen come here for a sec so she does she ses that he has no pants on and tries to run away he grabs her finger and shoves it up his ass Jen: "ewwwwwwwww i godd moist warm poopy all over my finger. wtf my finger will smell 4 days." Dad:"that was an excellent match of stinky finger."

by poopy on my finger September 26, 2006

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