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Human feces, generally in one large log, located in ones pants. The term is commonly used among middle aged Japanese business men.
I am a biguh boy now, no more stink stick in panstu, for I use Japanese Business Pull Ups!
by Xero Anarian May 09, 2006

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A remote used to test the brand of one's own flatulence.
I was going to watch TV with Tallon, but when he offered to hand me the remote from behind his back, I soon learned that it was, in fact, no remote but rather the most chronic stink stick I had ever had the displeasure of sniffing.
by Bonercles February 12, 2010
A name for a smelly penis.
"Man, I wouldn't suck his stink-stick without a condom, that's for sure!"
by A.C.L. May 23, 2007