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Stink Ear is when someone farts in your ear while talking to you on the telephone. It's a play on words, referring to pink eye, which apparently can be spread by having people fart in your face.
Leif asked me to hold on for a second, and as I did he placed his phone's receiver by his ass and let one rip. I had been given the stink ear.
by Sweet Lovin Dobbs April 09, 2009
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A take-off of the stink eye, when a mudge covered finger is mashed into a girl's ear. (Other exapmles: Stink nose, Stink eye, Stink Lip)
Her hearing went to shit, after she caught the stink ear.
by ray ray October 15, 2003
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The cat version of stink eye - when their ears are lowered against their head.
i accidently stepped on my cat's tail and he's been giving me stink ears all day.
by cyndij November 16, 2010
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