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When one cums on a girls chapped lips, and she receives a stinging sensation. This is similar to what it feels like to eat salty potato chips when one has chapped lips.
"Dude her lips were red today, probably from the stinging nettle I gave her last night!"
by Batchofnettles November 23, 2013
An unfortunate turn of events during a round of golf, usually involving green prickly weeds, over indulgence of alcohol, a case of the shanks, or Frank Raneri.
During their annual Myrtle Beach golf trip, Sam ran in to multiple patches of Stinging Nettle!
by My Dixie Normous July 17, 2008
a plant with stinging neddles that when you touch it the needles shoot onto you and make you itch really bad comonly found in dry areas
i stepped on the stinging nettle and it hurt like hell my foot has been itching for 30 minutes
by cornhoolio December 02, 2009
Cockney rymming slang or as commonly used "mockney" rymming slang for a kettle
"put the stinging nettle on squire"
by Alexandre Ruska-Smith December 01, 2007

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