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An American creation (rumored to have been first spoken by an extra-terrestrial) meaning it'stime for something... without saying it's time or it is time.

Alternative meaning: That it's mainly time for body work.
"Stime for a party!"

"Waa, Waaa, Whaaa... It'stime."


by mr_man_04 February 03, 2010
Stime (singular)
adjective, noun
1. To slick ones bangs to the side in a timely fashion

2. Acronym; Super.Tiny.Internal.Mini.Eggs

3 Slang; To stick a wet finger in another's ear, whilst blindfolded
1. "Did you see Amber and her stimed bangs?"

2. "I'm hungry, what about you?"
"I'm not, I have a S.T.I.M.E., bitch."

3 "Oh man! Did you see Amber stime Becky?! It was siiick!"
by Noah.C May 05, 2008