Another word for STDs.
"Oh my god, she has the stids. Disgusting."
"That internal cumshot .gif with the guy, I swear he has some stids on his penis."
by Breanna Edwards January 26, 2008
Top Definition
Referring to something or someone that is so fucked up you would want to make a video of it and post it on Youtube.
Ho! man! What a stid face! Wish I had a camera to film this! It would get millions of hits on Youtube!
by KRASSS June 07, 2011
word form of the acronym STD's
dude you got stids from that slut
by spencer swain May 21, 2005
a male/female who suffers from a STD

that girl with herpes is a stid.
by didi2455 July 10, 2008
slut that is desperate
dude that girl's a stid
by :o u be trollin February 16, 2011
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