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Referring to something or someone that is so fucked up you would want to make a video of it and post it on Youtube.
Ho! man! What a stid face! Wish I had a camera to film this! It would get millions of hits on Youtube!
by KRASSS June 07, 2011
10 2
word form of the acronym STD's
dude you got stids from that slut
by spencer swain May 21, 2005
10 3
Another word for STDs.
"Oh my god, she has the stids. Disgusting."
"That internal cumshot .gif with the guy, I swear he has some stids on his penis."
by Breanna Edwards January 26, 2008
5 1
a male/female who suffers from a STD

that girl with herpes is a stid.
by didi2455 July 10, 2008
7 7
slut that is desperate
dude that girl's a stid
by :o u be trollin February 16, 2011
2 7