Top Definition
a stupid idiotic fool.

st- from stupid
id- from idiot
ol- from fool.

this is what you call someone who does something stupid, idiotic, or foolish...duh.
Tommy just ran into the wall!! He's such a stidol!!

I feel like a stidol, i got a D on my math quiz.
by Yared August 20, 2007
stupid idiotic fool
logic: "st" from stupid, "id" from idiot, and "ol" from fool.
Tommy just ran into the wall! He's such a stidol!!!!
by Yared August 15, 2007
a stupid idiotic fool

st from stupid
id from idiot
ol from fool
Tommy ran into the wall! He's such a stidol.
I'm such a stidol, a failed my math test!
by Yared P. December 10, 2007
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