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The act of ejaculating on your own finger followed by giving your friend a wet willy with said jizz finger
Dude 1: Ew dude don't jack it in my room, thats fuckin' gay
Dude 2: Fuck you man turn around if you don't wanna see
Dude 1: Fine ass rammer hurry up i'm tired of waiting
Dude 2: Ok i'm done just stay turned around so i can pull my pants up.
Dude 1: Aw what the fuck! did you just give me a fuckin wet willy?
Dude 2: Hahahaha no dumb fuck smell whats in your ear
Dude 1: What the fuck!!! why is there fuckin jizz in my fucking ear you sick fuckin bitch get out of my room!
Dude 2: Wait what? Why are you mad I didn't even give you a wet willy

Dude 1: No get out fuck you, but what do you call it then if its not a wet willy?
Dude 2: I call it the Sticky Steven motha fucka!
Dude 1: We're not friends anymore get the fuck out of hear
Dude 2: Alright whatever you say jizz ears!
by MC Sticky Steve June 01, 2011
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