n. a (usu. less attractive) homosexual Asian male who chooses to associate with and date only other Asian males; this orientation is often the result of bitterness over failing to generate any sexual interest among non-Asian (mainly White) suitors. Also often associated with inadequate in-person social skills with regard to interaction with people outside their own race.
That group of Asian guys trying to look bad ass while they sulk and cower in the corner are definitely sticky rice.
by RM2004 April 01, 2004
Arguably the least desired, least attractive and most unpleasant minority within a minority, sticky rice are gay Asian males who profess to only feel attracted to other Asian males. This alleged and exclusive same-race attraction can have many origins and varies on an individual basis. Sadly, ethnocentrism among sticky rice is often associated with extreme feelings of bitterness and perceived social persecution, much like sentiments felt in the extreme elements of the "Black Power" communities. Sticky rice standards for attractiveness are also notoriously low (making their dishonest claims that potato queens are "pathetic" ring hollow), as anyone who has read their message boards or chat rooms will attest. Further, adult sticky rice often chase young teenage Asian males, rendering disingenuous their claims of "sick" age disparities between Asian/White couples. Often racist, bitter "stickies" will attempt to bash potato queen males because the potato queens have zero romantic interest in the generally less attractive sticky rice. One needs only to read some of the member-supplied potato queen definitions from the grammatically-challenged Asian "stickies" to see this. Rarely original or engaging on a personal basis (though exceptions always exist), sticky rice often try to adopt Black and hip hop culture (especially slang words) as a way to express their ethnic "AZN" pride or to gain some masculinity and toughness. Simply put, sticky rice are usually the gay Asian males that no one wanted, neither other Asian males nor whites. They deserve our sympathy and our kindness, not our ridicule; it is hard enough not being wanted and they should not be isolated any further.
Person 1: "Why does he only hang out with Asians and always look so unhappy all the time?"
Person 2: "He's sticky rice and bitter from all the rejection. Poor guy."
Person 1: "Too bad. He complains all the time that other Asian guys aren't attracted to him, but it isn't hard to see why they aren't. He's a huge racist himself!"
by NiceTennisGuy April 02, 2005
An action where one partner ejaculates on the other partner's back or any body part and proceeds to throw rice on the semen making it stick to the person
Me and Roscoe hung out last night and i gave her a sticky rice
by DankerMeme July 22, 2016
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