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n. (s. and coll.) an homosexual Asian male who is sexually attracted exclusively to other homosexual Asian males; n. abbrev. & a. sticky. Cf. Potato Queen & Rice Queen
I don't know why Jason bothers trying to pick up at the Sun Hotel, it's full of sticky rice.
Jason has been trying to pick up Daoqing for hours, but he doesn't stand a chance: Daoqing's totally sticky.
by assarakh June 24, 2003
An homosexual Asian male who is predominantly attracted to Asian males. This term is an Asian version of mashed potato.

Sticky rice gay Asian males are often bashed by Elder Rice Queens (Older homosexual white males who is predominantly attracted to much young Asian males), and usually been describe as "bitter" because the sticky rice have no interest in dating rice queens - especially rice queens old enough to be their father.

The term "Bitter sticky rice" is an example of racism - as there is no similar discriminated term against mashed potato (Homosexual white males who is predominantly attracted to white males). Funny enough, Bitter sticky rice is most used by rice queens.
John has been trying to pick up Xie for hours, but he doesn't stand a chance - apart from Xie is a sticky rice, Xie only date guys around his age - he does need a sugar daddy.
by Tumoon May 09, 2010
While having sex with a person of asian descent, you put on a rice hat, ejaculate onto her face, then throw a handful of right onto her face so it sticks.
Ron: Dude I was so hungry last night I had to make some sticky rice...on your sister's face!

John: Did you use the rice hat?

Ron: Sure did bro!
by wswr June 20, 2011
Refers to gay Asian males who claim to feel attracted to (and often even generally associate) ONLY with other Asian people. Sticky rice (also see sticky ) often go out of their way to try to show their love (sometimes in seemingly forced or artificial ways) for all things Asian (including men) and tend to preach to other people in interracial relationships how "wrong" those other people are for being "race traitors". For these racial separatists, there should be no interracial dating or mixing. Sound familiar? It should. That's exactly the same racist philosophy espoused by neo Nazis. To be sure, some gay White guys might tend to not go after Asian guys and might even behave in racist ways themselves. However, this often seems to be more a function of physical preference than an overtly conscious effort to make a sociopolitical statement about race, as it is with many sticky rice. Certainly not all sticky rice are the same, but observers will do doubt notice these recurring similarities. And as is the case with many racial separatists, a common theme runs through sticky rice social circles: bitterness.
"How ironic that sticky rice guys tend to complain about racist behavior when they are sometimes the worst offenders."
by Chris April 05, 2005
this happens when you are whacking one and your cum gets in your pubes.
man, Brian passed out with his pants off and he has major sticky rice.
by Nate kevin and blake January 22, 2006
An asian girl who is promiscious and by definition "sticky" from the copious ejacualte exposure.
My girlfriend Jen can't go out tonight so I'm going call ol' Sticky Rice for a little relief.
by Leroy Pennington January 09, 2008
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