1: For guys, its when your balls stick to your legs.
2: For girls, those strapless bras that just have the cups that cover the boobs
1: Luke: "Brian, its so hot out today"
Brian: "Yeah bro I know I got massive stickers right now"

2: Sara: "Hey, I bought this sweet bra yesterday"
Jenn: "I know, you bought stickers you hoe!"
by tommyyP May 01, 2008
A sticker can be used in place of the word kiss.
I got a sticker from the cutest boy/girl ever last night!

Jenny is a great stickerer (kiss)er.
by Honey Muffin April 12, 2008
to "stick her"
screaming "ssssttiiiccckkkeeeeerrrr!" is a high voice while someone is having intercourse within ears distance. May also be used as a suggestion to a couple not doing anything remotely sexual.
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
Amalgamation of the two words - sticky knickers. Used to describe underwear with skid marks, or after unsuccessfully trying to wait while desperate to go for a wee.
My wife was feeling discomfort in her stickers, as she'd been stuck on the bed with paralyzed legs for some time.
by Little Computer Nerd October 13, 2009
I need a bag of stickers. (Florida)
by DoctorTom September 29, 2009
Dried up crap leftover from a very poor job at wiping your butt. As the crap dries, it becomes crusty and causes serious itching problem. the name "Stickers" brings to mind the annoying poke and itch thats associated with those lil plant seeds that stick to you socks and shoes and irritate your feet and legs
I was in a rush at work, and didnt wipe until the tp came out clean. Later that day i got major stickers, and couldnt stop itching my crack
by SkyLuker July 10, 2008
Stickers are people who have a nose, booger, or snot fetish. Often masterbating with their own snot.
Cindy: A you a sticker?
Timmy: Why, yes.
Cindy: Cum in my nose!
by Snot nose May 13, 2008

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