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A game similar to baseball, played with a broom stick and various balls.
"When I was a kid, we used to play stick ball!" - Bill Cosby
by James Hickey March 30, 2004
An Australian term for 8-Ball Pool
You guys wanna go down the pub? get a bundy and play some stick ball?
by chody! September 20, 2006
As defined by John Lennon: Take two new #2 pencils and your chick. Have her kneel down before your exposed dick. Put the eraser end of the pencils in each ear and pull her towards you using the pencils and shout, "Suck it, bitch!"
I got two new Tyconderogas left, baby. Let's play stickball.

After the SATs, I played stickball with this babe who sat in front of me.
by Stashik June 08, 2005
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