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The origin of Stggs traces all the back to the earliest of civilizations, and was used frequently until the late 1700's, where it suddenly disappeared, laying dormant, only to re-arise sometime mid 2010.

1. Stggs (Pronounced 'St-ig-s') ;Latin; v,
"When one Stggs." "The act, or process of Stggs."

2. Stggs; n, "When one is angry, or jealous, one Stggs." "A nervous reaction to something results in Stggs."

3. Stggs; p, "A color that one turns after Stggs has occurred." "All beings can be traced back to Stggs."

4. Stgggs; v. An exaggerated annunciation of Stggs, usually spoken after one has already Stggs. Most often used by young children, and angry sailors.
Stggsers Gonna Stggs.
by E - 74 July 20, 2010