(n.) buscuit dip. indigenous to crockpots.
i sure love that stew. It makes them buscuits even better.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 06, 2005
v. to study hard. (See: Cassell's Dictionary of Slang).
- Going over next week to stew? You know that red Carlisle girl, Lily?
- Yes.(James Joyce:Ulysses,PICADOR,1998, p.23)
by Petyush March 27, 2005
The worst sketch show ever made. Consider yourselves fortunate that most of you don't live in Ireland, and consequently, are not subjected to this pathetic excuse for a show.

I can see why it took two "geniuses" to write Stew. One to not think of something funny. And the other to think of something not funny.
by Snake December 20, 2005
Money, a typical Valois term.
I'd go see the movie but i dont have enough stew.
by - September 06, 2003
Worse than a swot, a person who sucks up to teachers, follows all school rules and is maybe not smart, but incredibly hardworking.
To boot, the stew usually has a sneaky or annoying personality.
Usually used in Northern Ireland
See that girl, over there? She does favours for the teachers, has a long skirt and done top button and got 100% in that deadly physics test!
She is such a stew!
by SnowPatrolFan April 02, 2007
short for Stewart
You're such a Stew
by KRob April 05, 2004
Making of teh love. shesh
Has Dirk made teh stew with that hot redhead yet?

We made stew and it spilled all over the kitchen floor.
by Dupa Dupe February 24, 2008

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