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dude looks like a lady
Steven Tyler is a great singer, but dude looks like a lady.
by bopyloo June 07, 2012
The lead singer of the band Aerosmith. A respectable man from 1970 until 2011, when he became a judge on American Idol, thus spitting in the face of more than half of his fans just so he can bash people who can't sing as well as he can, mainly because they're not as old and/or experienced as he is.
Steven Tyler is a great singer who's slowly ripping apart his reputation by telling other singers they aren't as good as him on national TV.
by Gaaraofthedamned February 09, 2012
The lead singer to Aerosmith, one of the better singers of all time. Also by far one of the ugliest and scariest men of all time.
Steven Tyler is an awesome singer. Too bad he's so creepy looking.
by Themadbaron February 24, 2011
The extremely ugly and untalented singer of fellow untalented band Aerosmith.
Steven Tyler is sooo untalented, gawd he cant sing.
by Kelly A May 24, 2005

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