The lead singer of the band Aerosmith. A respectable man from 1970 until 2011, when he became a judge on American Idol, thus spitting in the face of more than half of his fans just so he can bash people who can't sing as well as he can, mainly because they're not as old and/or experienced as he is.
Steven Tyler is a great singer who's slowly ripping apart his reputation by telling other singers they aren't as good as him on national TV.
#steven tyler #aerosmith #rock music #rock n roll #hard rock #american idol #talent #idiot #stupid
by Gaaraofthedamned February 09, 2012
Top Definition
Singer for Aerosmith, and in my opinion, probably has the largest mouth ever to walk the face of the earth.

He still owns with his voice.

And his songs kick ass.
He made awesome songs such as
Jaded, Dream on, Walk This Way, Sweet Emotion, Dude(looks like a lady), Janie's got a gun, and many many many many others...awesome awesome writer and singer.
Steven tyler owns.
#stevne tyler #steven tylre #steven taylor #stvene tyler #steven ytler
by jman shizzle October 20, 2005
The hottest man to walk this earth

Also a great singer in the group Aerosmith putting out such hits as Walk This Way and Dream On
Wow Steven Tyler is hott AND an awesome singer
by loveableme33 January 11, 2005
the thin somewhat attractive front man
of the rock band Areosmith,
possibly one of the coolest
men in existence,often defined
by his thin structure and distictive
facial features such as his full and lushious lips.
"steven tyler is the
greatest front man ever!"
#front man #areosmith #thin #steven #tyler
by sparky the evil thing October 25, 2005
The multi-talented lead singer of Aerosmith, also known for his large mouth and for his unexplained success to the ladies
Have you seen Aerosmith's latest video?
Steven Tyler is so hot again!
#steve tyler #aerosmith #joe perry #rock #boston
by Andrei M May 07, 2006
only the greatest man alive. damn yall are nuts.
.................great great
by scott burkhalter January 08, 2004
Only the BEST frontman in existance! Steven Tyler has transcended time and his voice STILL freakin rocks!!!!
JUST PUSH PLAY......FUCKIN A!!!!!!!!!!
listen to Toys in the Attic and Steven Tyler's voice will blow you away!!!
#italian #aerosmith #frontman #rock and roll god #america's favorite r&r band
by Angela Rotondo September 05, 2006
To be Steven Tyler is to be an extremely sexual person without being considered repulsive. It's like a pervert..Who wears perversion well.

Not neccesarily calling Mr. Tyler a pervert, just a seamingly sexual person.
That Josh is such a Steven Tyler. I can't believe he just grabbed that girls boobs. He didn't even know her. She thought it was funny though. I heard they're dating now.
#steven #tyler #aerosmith #rockstar #perverted #awesome
by Jack E. Daniels January 05, 2009
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