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Evil Genius
One of the writers for Doctor Who and Sherlock on the BBC.
Enjoys tormenting his fans with twists, cliffhangers, and long waits between seasons.
Frequently blamed for the heartbreak fans experience from his shows.
Show ends with a terrible cliffhanger: This show is totally pulling a Steven Moffat!

Sherlock fan: Now I have to wait a year for the torment to end. Why does Steven Moffat torment me so? *shakes fist at air* Moffat!
by You'll never guess March 20, 2012
Steven Moffat OBE is the writer/producer of the hit BBC series Doctor Who and Sherlock. His work has been knowen to induce extreme feels in fans and bend their minds with paradoxs. Much like a vampire feeds on blood, Moffat feeds on fandom tears.
Brainy's the new sexy - Steven Moffat
by TheNerp June 24, 2016
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