a van owned by steven, commonly used for transporting hobo's
my caris called the ste-van
by Steven Mullaney December 21, 2007
Top Definition
An extremely sweet guy who's always there for people.Cute and attractive .Stevans usually attract people by being there for them..But they tend to be shy and active at the same time which seems complicated.Stevans hold their friends in high regard and would never back stab them.. Everyone should have a Stevan as their friend
Alex:isn't that Stevan?
Brandi:Yeah...i know he's got my back
by nikki435lloyd56 January 14, 2014
A very crazy dude who needs attention from every girl he passes in order to suceed in life.
Girl: Hey look its stevan!
Other Person: Dont even start, you know he just wants attention to suceed in life.
by kaykaywhiteman December 22, 2008
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