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A standardized opinion or view on a person, race, etc. that is unique to the subject about which the conversation is made and is valid in all cases. A stereofact is never exaggerated and is always 100% factual about the person or persons in question. Like a stereotype, but is a proven fact.
1. Black people love fried chicken. It's a stereofact!

2. Gays are going to hell, that's definitely a stereofact.

3. Mexicans provide the cheapest and most productive labor compared to any other race. That's stereofactual.

4. Jews are greedy. Stereofact? I think so :)

5. I had this Asian kid do my math for me. Due to stereofacts, I knew he could handle it better than anyone else.

6. Old people cannot drive worth a damn. Thanks to stereofacts, I stay off the roads.
by Black Bush January 15, 2008
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