comical genius/guitar player(not great at guitar but comical genius none the less)
"did you catch that phat vid from lynch"
"pff phuck yae, stephen is my home-boy nikka"
by Jim April 18, 2004
Top Definition
Comedian who sings songs about things people don't think about all to often. Like hermaphrodites, men with one testicle, loving a dead body, being superheros, dead puppies, the short curly hair on the soap, grandfather dieing so you can get his inheritance, ugly babys, gynochologists, your dad catching you masterbating and much much more! Visit his website,!
Lullaby, by Stephen Lynch
Chorus 1:Daddy likes porno and ten dollar whores, Daddy gets wasted and robs liqour stores. Daddy likes rubbing against little boys on the bus. I think thats why your mommy left us... Mommy left us.
Chorus 2:But Daddy plays poker and drinks lots of beer, then he wants sex that involves mommy's rear, Daddy has sores on his naughty parts oozing with puss. I think thats why your mommy left us.
by Sylk Cream October 06, 2005
A crazyyy comedian who is presently in The Wedding Singer on broadway (based on Adam Sandler's movie, The Wedding Singer), which is amazing and was nominated for 5 Tony's including best musical. He is amazing in the show and all of his songs are hilarious.
Stephen Lynch was soooo good in The Wedding Singer and he is crazy hott.
by Andrea June 17, 2006
A comedian who puts his comedy into songs, very goos comedian, almost as good as Lewis black.
" gets drunk and robs liquor stores, dad likes porn and 10 dollar whores, dad likes rubbing against little kids, on the bus...I think that is why mommy left us. Dad likkes football and lots of beer, dad wants sex that involves mommys rear, dads private parts have sores oozing with pus, i think thats why mommy left us
by Mustache Man March 05, 2005
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