The act of farting on someone's chest.
I will Stephen Harper your mom then take her out for a lovely steak dinner.
by President Of Canada April 19, 2015
The Canadian version of the president.

Teacher: Ok class who is the president of Canada?

Smart-ass Johnny: Stephen Harper - they call him a Prime Minister in the great white north
Teacher: Ok class who is the president of Canada?

Smart-ass Johnny: Stephen Harper - they call him a Prime Minister in the great white north
by allieb November 21, 2013
The current Prime Minister of Canada, and leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
There goes Prime Minster Stephen Harper.
by workworkerworks April 11, 2006
Mr. Stephen Harper is the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Canada's main party of the right. Mr. Harper was first elected to Parliament in 1993 as a Reform Party candidate and served until 1997. He did not seek re-election in 1997 because he was apparently disgusted with the Canadian Parliament. Instead he became head of the National Citizen's Coalition which is a right leaning advocacy group.

Mr. Harper contributed greatly to the unification of the Canadian Alliance Party and the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

Mr. Harper favours smaller government, tax relief, some types of privitization, respect for traditional institutions, like the military for example, a closer working relationship with the United States, respecting provincial rights (decentralization), and other typical right leaning views. Mr. Harper is a social conservative more than a libertarian.

Mr. Harper has a masters degree in economics from the University of Calgary. Mr. Harper has cited former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney as one of his mentors.
Look, is that Stephen Harper!
by rmcbean August 18, 2005
The prime minister of canada and apparently hated on UD because its full of liberal morons. NO you can't lose your job because day care isn't subsidised. NO he's not trying to make canada part of the usa. NO hes not Bushs bitch. NO hes not a neo-nazi facist ( if he is then dion and his cronies are commies). AND NO hes not stealing from you. One of the best things to happen to the Canada since the liberals cocked it up for so long, but because liberals think conservatives are all gun totin, booze chugin, racial slur spewin rednecks, they automaticly assume hes not a smart guy, but they assume hes a hillbilly moron.
GUY: stephen harper is a great prime minster.
GUY: ya but hes leading the country well.
by T0ront0 L1vn March 05, 2008
The Canadian Prime Minister, and the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Probably the best politician that has been in office for the last 20 years. Vote Conservative.
Stephen Harper doesn't use tax money and spend it on his friends.
by James M. June 10, 2006
Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in Canada's House of Commons. Member of the Privy Council. Economist. Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Believes in equality for all Canadians. Believes that Canada deserves an accountable government.
Demand Better! Vote Conservative!
by pitz August 26, 2004
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