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When someone is doing something particularly poor and needs to raise the level.
Guy 1: Bruv? You cant even get the être verb right? you need to step it up mate.
Guy 2: Shut up bludrin.
Guy1: Step it up. STEP IT UP.
by Pachinu September 21, 2011
Move yourself up a notch
boy you need to step it up, get big
by December 23, 2003
Step it up: step your game up.
used by Yukmouth numerous times in reference to step your game up, or bring it on.i.e, Oh Boy! Step It up!
by Klymaktyk February 18, 2005
Yukmouth phrase used in Ghettos of America DVD and CDs; Step it up: to step up one's game that may be close to heightened point.
Oh Boy! Step it up! can be found on Ghettos of America DVD throughout the movie.
by Klymaktyk February 18, 2005

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