A step in a process that dwarfs all other steps in the process in magnitude and/or complexity.

Originated from Google Maps in which a request to "Get directions" from New York to Paris yields 39 steps, 38 of which are simple driving directions with step 23 being swimming three-thousand four-hundred and sixty-two miles across the Atlantic Ocean.
If you want to become president you must choose a name to run under. Also you must choose your campaign slogan. Step 23 is to get tens of millions of Americans to vote for you.
by joe40001 April 12, 2007
Top Definition
A derisive term for a hilarious joke that got posted to discussion boards or email lists too many times, by people that apparently post jokes themselves but never actually read anybody else's posts.

Originated from a large company's humor email list where approximately seven people posted, in a single day, Google Map's directions from NYC to Paris, which states that Step 23 is to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.
you: Dude, check out this link to a crazy dramatic chipmunk!
me: Yea, and be sure to check out step 23, it's hilarious.
me: And it's a hamster, nimrod.
by salreadybeingusedbysomeoneelse December 08, 2008
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