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Verb, To be a teacher, When someone is a teacher, but they can't teach, and they are often corrected when giving out lessons.
ex: Our teacher stempled so hard that I had to stand up in front of the class and explain the lesson. (true story)

ex: That teacher was stempling again today, we had to read out of the book to learn the lesson, how are they still a teacher?
#stempling #voorhees #zboi94 #idiot #teacher #fail #fool
by Zboi94 January 04, 2011
When a teacher makes countless mistakes, leaving the students to correct him or her. This happens most often with teachers who do not know how to teach or are not familiar with their subject.
The teacher stempled so badly that I had to teach her an easier way to solve the problem that she wrote.

She stempled so many times in the lesson that nobody knew what they were doing.

After stempling the same problem five times, the teacher just decided to write a new one
#voorhees #teacher #mistake #stempling #school
by littlejlev January 04, 2011
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