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The Steigenga begins with the moodset of a very erotic night. You come home from dinner from a resteraunt based on your boyfriend's income. You get into the mood by playing "Backstreet's Back" over and over again, then you proceed by cock punching the significant other in the facial region. Depending on how powerful the thrust is, you must immediately pounce on said other and start howling like a monkey. As you pound that ass, within five minutes of The Steiginga, you must grab said other's nipples and twist until purple, while screaming "OHHH YEA, DADDY'S GOT A NEW COMBOVER!!!" After approximately 30 minutes to an hour of ferocious sex, you must pull out, remove the condom, ask "Do you want some icing with that pound cake?" and proceed to bust your nut on and around said other's facial region and finish off with a picture of their reaction.
OH MY GOD, STEVE! I took Tori to Wendy's last night and I gave her the greatest Steiginga in the trunk of my pickup!
by Izzyo October 08, 2008
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