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A ridiculously good looking pure uncontaminated male specimen from the Greek warrior and intellectual breed. Tends to screw things up beyond repair but somehow manages to fix things by flashing his beautiful smile and displaying his never ending love for Albanian "goodies". Can mostly be found at his "dads office" or the "gym" but somehow, miraculously, still manages to find time for love making. Has a small amount of baggage...aka wierd ex girlfriends, but we are certain that will be overcome once they realize that he's our baby daddy.
A guy which picks girls whom he knows will never talk to each other.
One whos backseat is his love machine, and enjoys spending quality time at Wal Mart.
One who shows no respect, breaks your heart, and considers you worthless if your initials aren't AK + or - an X.
"wow, that guy totally just stearnsmeisted me :("

"did you just see that guys package?!?"
"yup..hes a stearnsmeister"

"lets go to walmart"
"wow youre such a stearnsmeister"

"one is not a stearnsmeister unless one brings unthought of sexual satisfaction"

"wheres your man?"
"oh hes stearnsmeisting at the gym"
"i dont think so hunny, check (insert name of incrediblely good looking Albanian girl with nice jugs here)'s house"

"i love stearnsmeister"
"who the heck are you??"
"ugh, stearnsmeister's girlfriend"
"NO, i am stearnsmeister's girlfriend. ok? you dont even know him"
"i bet you he was just at walmart with me 10 minutes ago. you weirdo who wishes you're still going out with him"

"one is a stearnsmeister if one is everybody's baby daddy"
by Callshimbeast May 12, 2007
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