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The art of rubbing one out, masturbating, having a pull in the shower. The heated shower water creates an eerie mist (steam) hence creating a perfect camouflage for the act.

This widely used work has been derived from the saying "to blow some steam" - Steam Dog takes this saying to a new level.
My mum caught me having a steam dog.

a Steam Dog is the perfect way to get lost in the moment, like imaging yourself on the set of ghost.
by noodleluca February 03, 2011
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When your sexual partner farts on your finger while it is in their anus.
Dude, my girlfriend gave me a steam dog last night and I still can't get the smell off of my finger.
by Yoshi P. August 15, 2010
The term given to the act describing fellatio while wearing a condom. (noun) It is derived from the theoretical accumulation of steam inside the condom while a blowjob is being administered by a warm mouth.
I thought we were going to have sex, so I put on a raincoat and then she started giving me a steamdog instead.
by NaderRalph August 24, 2010

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