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the act of moving from one end of the room while digging your partners face into the carpet while giving her doggystyle sex with the intention of giving them a rug burn on their face.
I heard john gave stacey the steam cleaner the other day. you should see her she has the worst rug burn on her face.
by b.kravitz July 05, 2009
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Evolved from rug muncher: a steam cleaner is one who performs cunnilingus with abnormal enthusiasm, therefore having an effect on the pubic hair similar to that which a steam cleaner would have on a rug.

Usually a term reserved for dykes.
Girl: "wow that bitch is a steam cleaner"
Steam cleaner: "slurp slurp"
by dougdougdoug October 26, 2007
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When you put your bare ass into someone's shower and drop a stink fart, then hold the shower curtain or door tightly shut, trapping him/her with the odor.
Last night, my husband trapped me in a dutch oven, so this morning I paid him back by giving him a steam cleaner in the shower!
by JankyWife05 November 26, 2016
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