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A live, unscheduled webcast (note: webcasts are sometimes referred to as streams) that is initiated with minimal promotional efforts, such as a single Twitter post.

A stealthcast allows for a highly personalized and interactive session with a sparse audience. Participants are typically those individuals that are persistently logged into an IRC chat room associated with a specific webcast (enjoying ongoing chats while also hoping to catch a stealthcast), as well as those who joined based on viewing the minimal promotion, either by polling a website, using a third party program for alerts, or by receiving notifications via their mobile device.

The phrase 'stealthcast' was started by YouTube and uStream content creator, Alfred, who wanted to reciprocate a 'thank you' to those monitoring his IRC chat room with a live webcast while also having a personal, interactive session with a small and selective audience.
Via Twitter: "Stealthcast is now in progress. WATCH: {URL}"
by Alfred_FL February 05, 2009
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