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When your partner comes off like the nicest person in the world, but really hoes around behind your back. The moment you catch them doing anything in a hoe manner, they try to pull it off like nothing ever happened even when you and her both know the truth.
Wow would you take a look at her! She's the nicest person in the world! No she isn't... watch her closely she's a stealth hoe!
by thegodofgods December 06, 2010
A girl who has a relationship with at least one guy for every period she has (including missed ones), yet pretends not to be a hoe.
-Yo, gabby gives more head than a serial street whore, the hell is with this innocent shit?

- what a stealth hoe! She sucked my dick!

-she sucked my dick too!
by Oliver closoff April 27, 2015

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