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A greeting between friends
You see your friend walking down the hall, you yell out "STEAK NIGHT!"
by Mike2020 January 14, 2009
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Formally the last Wednesday of every month. A meeting of brothers to eat delicious steak (usually tips) and drink like Kings. In the month of November Steak Night should include beards. So that when the food is gone the brothers can enjoy a bearded bliss with beer around a fire, this special night will be before Thanksgiving once a year. No females are aloud, only brothers.
Mikey: "When's steak night?"

Kyle: "Mikey you ignorant slut, it's always the last Wednesday of the month"

by x the king x November 22, 2010
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When you and a couple of the boys go out for a crazy night. you Start off with fantastic meat, normally huge steaks, perfectly grilled, then huge ammounts of alchohol consumption and maybe a awesome boxing match, followed by a strip club and lots of women! So its a night of food, violence, alchohol, sex and hangover's. The word has to be pronounced in a stretched out manor aswell!
Friend 1 - So dudes, I think tonight is the prefect upportunity for Steak-Niiiiiiiiiiigt!! Who's in?

Friend 2 - Hell yeah, Here's to Steak-Niiiiiiiigt!!!!

Steak Night
by Kaboom-ZA September 01, 2009
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