An individual of strong will that often stays drinking or lingers in one particular place longer then the socially recommended time span .
Non Stayer: Hey mate are you coming to Matron’s Ball... it’s time to leave the pre-lash venue.
Stayer: Nar bro I’m staying here a bit longer cause I’m a stayer.
Non Stayer: Oh you staying old shagger... lol xx hehe random you’re cute
by The Stayer March 22, 2011
Top Definition
Stay; verb, stayed or staid, stay•ing.
1. to spend some time in a place or situation, with Nick Jonas.
2. devoting your time and life to getting highlights, making sandwiches, and existing in the general vicinity of the kitchen for Nick Jonas.
3. not being the only one who’s ever felt this way.
4. not allowing the world to cave in.
5. telling Nick Jonas that you’ll stay.
Ever since Nick Jonas wrote Stay, I've been a loyal stayer.
by stayfornickj February 20, 2011
Nick Jonas wrote a song called Stay. Now, all the Nick Jonas fans are stayers.
OMG! I love Nick Jonas, I'm a stayer!!
by Nick Jay fan January 11, 2011
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