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After giving a girl (or guy) a nice big facial, the reciever punches the giver in the nose. The mix of semen and blood looks like a strawberry milkshake.
After she bit my cock several times, I gave her a facial, followed by a swift blow to the nose, also known as a strawberry milkshake.
by Alex February 11, 2004
When having sex with a menstruating woman, the penis is pulled out just prior to ejaculation, then manually ejaculated into the pool of smelly blood on the sheet. The resulting mixture is known as a "Strawberry Milkshake"
I heard Tommy shared a strawberry milkshake with your girlfriend.
by Bluegill August 12, 2004
After fellatio is performed on a male, the male stikes his female partner in the nose, causing the blood running from her nose to mix with the semen in on her lips, giving the appearance of her having consumed a strawberry milkshake.
Yo, bitch, you want a fuckin' strawberry milkshake or what?
by S32 like a mother fucker March 20, 2003

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