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A stauncher is an australian gangsta. The pose of staunching is to pull your shirt over your face but leaving your eyes still visable, with you other hand you put it in the air and make your fingers in a gun shape. Staunchers commit a number of crimes such as: drug use, under age drinking, shop lifting, mugging or "rolling" people for their belonings, and most importantly "painting trains" as in doing graffiti.
"I staunched some kid last night" as in i mugged someone last night

"The dude in that photo is a stauncher" as in doing the perticular pose
by ZegerTheHecktickqStuanchaa January 24, 2010
A person who sucks on the toes of others.
Look at that stauncher Tyler sucking on Heidi's toes.
by Todd Bushey March 22, 2009

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