R. Kelly's genre of music
R. Kelly is a Statutory Rap music artist.
by Nathan June 23, 2003
noun: hip hop/ pop (hip pop) music created by prepubescent artists. This genre is unique in that the subjects of songs are distinctively juvenile and annoyingly catchy. The listener cannot help but sing along with elementry lyrics about middle school luv. Listening to such songs often lead to feelings of self loathing and pedophilia.
Samantha's favorite musicians are JoJo, Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston, Lil Mama, Lil Romeo, and all other artists with the name lil. Because she prefers prepubescent hip hop, her taste can be described as statutory rap.
by sassatack September 23, 2009
A Hip Hop Group originating in Port Hope,Ont Canada. Members include Luke F.O.R.C.E, Coney Funk, Pigg and DJ Spinmart. Known for their double edged lyrics and great live shows.
Damn, Statutory Rap was fuckin sick tonight, much better than whoever played before them.
by Khron Don January 29, 2010

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