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The Statute of Limitations is what is limiting you from inviting over/spending time with acquaintances. After you've known someone for a long time, but you've never done anything with them, it becomes weird to invite them over. If you don't hurry up and do something with someone you just met, the Statute of Limitations will run out, and then you won't be able to.
"Honey, we should invite Dan and Annie over for dinner! We've been neighbors so long and we've never really gotten to know them!"

"We can't to that! It's too late, the Statute of Limitations has run out."
by swaggyswaggyyolofaggy November 23, 2013
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{stat – ute - uv - lim – i – tay – shuns}:
The agreement, usually nonverbal and not always legally formalized, that occurs between husband and wife shortly after (before?) marriage. It lays out his limitations. Following are some standard clauses (No, not Nicholas or Martha):

1. Football Limitation: 1 day per week
2. Guys Night Out Limitation: 1 night per month
3. Trash Detail Limitation: NONE. Husbands are always on trash detail
4. Bikini Ogling Limitation: NEVER unless it’s the wife in the bikini - Or you’re certain she’ll never find out
5. Alcohol Intake Limitation:

a. 1 glass wine daily with dinner

b. 1 six-pack beer for Monday Night Football

c. Exception: 2 six-pack beer for Monday Night Football if you

have a buddy over or the wife is feeling generous.

d. 2 large glasses expensive champagne – 1 time/year on anniversaries
According to the Statute of Limitations you can't go to the bar tonight with Fred. It's my dinner night!
by Androlian February 06, 2014

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