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Any person/place/ or thing, that is not a pirate, that can input 2 or more comments onto a social networking status without drawing enough attention to receive a direct response
Jesse:" Did you see Chris' comment on Jesseism?"
Giovanni: "No."
Jesse: " It was soo funny! He's such a status ninja."
by TheStatusNinja February 04, 2010
One who successfully exercises the art of changing the topic of a social media status by posting a comment that instigates a conversation or argument about something irrelevant to the status.
Sally's Status: "I just had a baby... I am so excited"
Johnny Boy: "I just started a new diet"
Timid Tim: "Boy, I've been thinking about starting a diet myself, but I'm concerned it won't work for me"
Johnny Boy: "How have you been Tim, sounds like you're still timid."
*conversation between Timid Tim and Johnny Boy commences*
Sally: "You're a status ninja"
by mangyoldog January 10, 2013
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