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One who constantly comments on another's statuses, with the sole intention of ruining the purpose of said status
Dude, He's such a status jacker, he ruined every one of my statuses!
by hacklife February 19, 2011
When you put up a status on Facebook and then over the next few hours or days, people put up the same status. Can be very annoying and often results in one of those "shake my head" moments.
Me On Monday: "Screw Harry Potter, I'm seeing the Winnie The Pooh movie!"

Friend On Thursday: "Forget Harry Potter i'm seeing Winnie The Pooh"

Me Thinking To Myself: What a Status Jacker, SMH
by TheOriginalBigNate July 14, 2011
one who copies and pastes others staus updates and uses them as their own. this behaviour is only acceptable if a link to the original author is included, as to give them the credit.
did you see what johns status is? he status jacked me! john is a status jacker!
by howareya3896 February 02, 2013

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