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The act of swimming in the early morning while still mentally asleep. Sleep Swimming is often seen at pools where swim teams practice at absurd hours of the day. It can also be known as swimming with your eyes closed while moving your arms and legs attempting to just survive until practice is over.
Me: Do we really have to have morning practice right after this eight hour bus ride!?

Teammate: Yeah dude I think so. It's going to be bad!

Me: Well if it's really true then i'm straight up Sleep Swimming!
#swimming #sleeping #sleep swimming #tired #pool
by TheOriginalBigNate July 11, 2011
A very common sight among swim teams everywhere. Most likely to be seen in a crowded lane involving at least 5 people. Wall Grinding is the act of getting so close to the person next to you that it appears that you on grinding on them. Can be very annoying and in most cases there is at least one wall grinder in every lane.
Boy: Hey is that your boyfriend over there in lane 1?

Girl: Yeah, so what?

Boy: Well maybe you should stop wall grinding on me before he gets upset! This is not a school dance! This is swim practice!
#swimming #wall grinding #pool #swimmers #team
by TheOriginalBigNate April 25, 2011
When you put up a status on Facebook and then over the next few hours or days, people put up the same status. Can be very annoying and often results in one of those "shake my head" moments.
Me On Monday: "Screw Harry Potter, I'm seeing the Winnie The Pooh movie!"

Friend On Thursday: "Forget Harry Potter i'm seeing Winnie The Pooh"

Me Thinking To Myself: What a Status Jacker, SMH
#jacker #status #facebook #uncool #annoying
by TheOriginalBigNate July 14, 2011
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