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A stasher is a handgun or weapon that can be used with only one hand. Therefore implying stasher a throw away quickly.
Yo my nigga said he can get a 50 cal stasher for the low dough!
by Alex NIGGA! January 10, 2009
One who is very enthusiastic and open about masturbation. Before the emergence and vast prevalence of high speed networking and "the cloud" one would acquire over the course of a lifetime a vast collection of porn or "stash". In the united states communities around college campuses formed with the focus of trading pornography with the common interest of maximizing the size of ones "stash". Peer to Peer file sharing within dorms was often used as a distribution pipeline as internet speeds were often times limited. The members of these communities became known as "stashers". Often times groups of these "stashers" are made up of the stereotypical white suburban raised "bros". The act of "stashing" or "hitting the stash" is another term for pleasuring ones self. "Stashers" are often proud of how much they stash.
Nick - "Have you hit the stash today?"
Joey - "Why yes! So kind of you to ask!"

Nick - "Hey man, have you met Judd? He's a total stasher."
Joey - "Yeah I have he is the best! Lets all bro out and drink some bud light lime. "

Nick - "Do you think Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were stashers?"
Joey - "Oh im sure they hit the stash more than anyone, they were great men."

Chris - "The stashers did it again."
Joey - "You're goddamn right."
Marley - "Time to hit the stash."
by ChillBro July 29, 2014