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cool,tight, everythings alright.
Those new J's are starsky.
by Randy June 12, 2004
to park a car in a way where one doesn't have a care in the world. Like the show, "Starsky and Hutch", parking your car properly in a space is secondary when you are catching a crackhead!
Damn girl- who be parkin' all Starsky!
by P-Suke November 15, 2003
beautiful, kind hearted girl who has alot of respect towards those around her. has a nice personality and always making people laugh and is very funny. she can be abit quiet a first but once you get to know her she is a lovely girl, always up for a chat. she is always there for her friends and will do anything and everything for her best one. shes amazing, beautiful and the best bestfriend you could ever have. can be argumentative at times, but only when she knows shes in the right, other than that she is a pleasure to be around.
person 1 - she looks nice in all her pictures, shes very photogenic
person 2- yeah i know, i bet her names starsky.
person 1 - yeah, I'm so jealous!
person 1 - shes pretty
person 2 - yeah, shes a starsky.
person 1 - I'm not surprised!
by ReeReeRisss April 12, 2011
When one does something out of the orindary too look cool... if it is jumping over a hole in the ground and landing it propporly .... etc.
" Woah BUddy juss pulled a starsky over there, HEY buddy WHERES HUTCH? U asshole!"
by BILLY December 21, 2004

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