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Eternal pit of hell, home to many demons, such as Mr. Walter, Mrs. Solly, and the supreme overlord, Mr. Chick, with his right hand man, Mr. Kline, who has many underlings.
Negative twenty degrees outside? Hah! Thats still good enough weather for school!
by IhateSchool January 16, 2004
Located in Western New York east of Buffalo in Lockport, it is the worst education edifice ever established. The administration is a bunch of elitist, full of themself dickheads who have no idea how to properly run a school. 20 degree weather with blinding blizzards is no problem. The adminstration holds school anyway, and it indirectly caused the death of a well-liked senior in 2004. Most of its students are douchebags and, although it appears we are receiving a proper, future-building education, noone who graduates from Starpoint ever actually does anything important with their lives. Noone who goes to Starpoint ever wants to really do anything because the school sucks so much ass and just brings you down. The majority of the faculty consiste of inept, unqualified, lazy teachers. (Examples: Mrs. Solly, Mr. Franco, Mr. Moore) with a few exceptions such as Mr. Miller and Mr. Moran. All in all Starpoint is qualified as the worst school ever and people dread going there every day.
When someone says "School sucks", they are not referring to their school, they mean Starpoint. It's implied.
by Oni April 23, 2005
In a nice area of Western New York, lays a struggling school of mostly rich, stuck up, arrogant students and staff. The school has gone down the drain ever since a food fight in the high school in 2009 that had the police envolved in it and left the K-9 injured. Besides an obnoxious freshman English teacher that prances around the halls singing and dancing, the schools authority comes from a giant waste of life that lurks around the halls asking students for passes with a Darth Vader tone of voice. Starpoint High school is notorious for poor sports teams that can't seems to figure out how to win, to not having a snow day. No matter what. Students can be burrried in snow and un-able to drive/get on the bus, there will be school for the day. Starpoint just so happens to be located in New York right near the Great Lakes and often gets the bitter cold in winter with a side of lake effect snow. A fail of a good high school memory creator, Starpoint is very, very un-pleasing.
"Hey man do you have a snow day today?" "Nah, I go to Starpoint."
by TTslide December 10, 2013
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