Word used by fictional UK Special Air Service soldiers in the Battlefield 2: special forces First Person Shooter game for PC when they need medical help. Similar to a soldier calling for a medic.
" i need Star Light at my location"
by wylin923 January 20, 2006
Top Definition
Name of Official Ukrainian Fansite of Muse british band. Was founded in 2003. Got large audience from all over Ukraine.
Muse will gig in Kiev, capital of Ukraine and all Starlight's users will follow the band to Russia
by Steven H. Schone August 16, 2007
an endearing term used to describe someone so perfect, they're out of this world
"Starlight, look at us shine, could you be mine?"
by strfckrrr June 02, 2014
To be outstandingly popular, charismatic and charming on internet forums.
Did you see his last post? He is so starlight.
by Valentin September 27, 2006
Hailed by some as the other defining muscial moment of the 21st century. See 2 people
<?> starLIGHT ;()!!!
by informer May 11, 2003
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