1. A number of shitty versions of the exact same show. Representing just how boring a show can get with traits such as horrible acting, nerdy characters, really bad writing and fake shitty looking aliens.

It has been reported that people have used it to torcher there victims, even within seconds of the show starting the victim will have blood running from there eyes. In some casses there has been seizures if watched for long periods of time such as 30 seconds

In some very rare cases people have died instantly,
if u were lucky enough to have survived watching it, You would have turned into a huge nerd.

Stargate can also be used as the word shit and/or crap
Wow look at that Hyundai Excel it sure is a stargate.

Im going to the toilet to do a stargate.
by beauty man January 10, 2011
another term for butthole.
Last night she wanted me to probe her stargate
by Jtron3000 May 26, 2007

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