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To dispatch your opponent in dominant fashion.
"Did you see that fight last weekend? That guy got straight up starched.
by High Plains Drifter April 17, 2008
9 11
(verb) knock out such that the victim's muscles become tense and the body appears to stiffen.
Dan Henderson starched Michael Bisping at UFC 100.
by herat17 October 26, 2009
15 5
Nicely turned out, presentable, made the effort to look nice...

Devised by famous television writer Rox Harvey
as in 'wow - you look starch!'
by starchy June 14, 2006
15 5
weed that you smoke in a bong, bucket or pipe
Wheres the starch man?
by Phil Dayooper June 14, 2007
12 16
a dry 'starchy' piece of toast, ie. rivitta or cracker
wow that starch would be nice with cheese.
by Toasty April 12, 2004
6 27