A place to take a dump when you're in the city.
"Because there's no public restrooms around here, I'm just going to drop a deuce in this Starbucks."
by bobucks July 14, 2012
Major coffee shop chain that originated in Seattle and is now literally found everywhere in the world. Contrary to popular belief, the company charges you $4 not for the coffee, but for you to have the right to carry around their cups and feel cool. This is because their coffee sucks. Every person that has ever gone there has thought "I could make the exact same drink at home 10 times better". But most of them decide to return because it makes them feel cool. They also sell bad CD's that include "Dave Mathews band" and "Barbara Streisand". If they decide to charge $8 for the worst coffee ever people will buy it because it carries the Starbucks logo or just simply because they're idiots. Anyone who spends over $200 a year in Starbucks is an asshole. Their coffee is not good at all.
14 Year old girl: "Starbucks is sooo good."
40 Year old male (Girl's dad): "You have no idea what good coffee is, Starbucks sucks, you suck, you idiot.
by the truth about everything January 08, 2012
The only place where a White Mocha Frappuccino or Caramel Macchiato can be called just coffee.
Man, I can't make it through the morning without my coffee. Thank God for Starbucks!

*Continues to drink milk-shake*
by Namelessness July 17, 2007
a place where basic white hoes go and buy overpriced frappuccinos so they can take a picture of it for Instagram, which are often followed by the hashtag #whitegirlwasted for the bitches that literally can't even! Ugh!
Bitch 1: Let's go to Starbucks and buy the mocha cookie crumble!
Bitch 2: Yasss bitch, we about to get #whitegirlwasted! I literally can't even!
by Yolo Drake March 14, 2015
A famous coffee shop that 9 out of 10 teenage girls love.
Girl 1: We should like, go to starbucks.

Girl: I know, I'm so like, thirsty.
by RoseCandyFloss August 05, 2014
The headquarters of every white girl in the world. This is where all the white girls come together and talk about their perf uggs, iPhones, coffee, and the latest yoga pants and like guys with blue eyes and washboard abs.
Regina George : omg Gretchen let's go to Starbucks and talk about blue eyes and washboard abs.

Gretchen Weiners : omg Regina that sounds like a great idea.
by 2perf4birth April 25, 2014
Starbucks is a widely popular and overpriced coffee franchise.

Hipsters diss it and promote "going local", teenage girls Instagram pictures of their drinks every time they go there, and regular people buy their caffeine and work or study in the quiet atmosphere.
A person walks into Starbucks, buys a $4 frappe, and walks out the door silently judging girls taking selfies with mocha cookie crumbles
by GritnGrind July 28, 2013

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