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The headquarters of every white girl in the world. This is where all the white girls come together and talk about their perf uggs, iPhones, coffee, and the latest yoga pants and like guys with blue eyes and washboard abs.
Regina George : omg Gretchen let's go to Starbucks and talk about blue eyes and washboard abs.

Gretchen Weiners : omg Regina that sounds like a great idea.
by 2perf4birth April 25, 2014
A really unimpressive coffee company that is over hype by middle school kids who think they are emo but are just hormonal and bitchier than the more superior of the human race. Everything taste like coffee, I shit you not. Go in and get a hot chocolate. What do you expect in your hot chocolate? Hot water, Chocolate mix or syrup... That's simple right? Nah they're all like "Yo, I'mma put coffee in this so that way it just tastes the same as EVERYTHING ELSE in this shop." Way to alienate your possible consumers. Oh and the sizes are a bitch too. Tall? Vente? Grande? Uhm... Aren't tall and grande close to being synonymous? Don't matter, they're all over priced and basically the same size anyways. They're putting their stores in funeral homes. Well that's just fucking depressing. Imagine the people who have to work at those homes and see sad people all day and dead bodies? They make sales expecting people to drown their misery in hot chocolate/ coffee, coffee milk/ coffee flavored coffee.
I wonder what would happen if starbucks opened its own deli. Would the sandwiches be "Ham and coffee grinds?" Or "Coffee bean and swiss?" They would have head cheese but instead of meat in the head cheese it would be coffee grinds.

I say "Screw that" Go to dunkin donuts, get yourself a hot chocolate that tastes like it's supposed to.
Dude 1: "Yo, let's go to starbucks."
Dude 2: "Do they have non-coffee? I hate coffee"
Dude 1: "Yeah... Get a hot chocolate dude that shouldn't be bad"
Dude 2: "K"

Starbucks cashier: "How may I help you?"
Dude 1: "I'd like a small..."
Starbucks Cashier: "You mean tall?"
Dude 1: "You know what I mean small mocha chai with... Meh fuck it all drinks here taste the same anyways, just pour liquid in a cup and charge me"

Starbucks Cashier: "Anything else?"
Dude 2: "Get me a grande Hot chocolate with cinnamon"
Starbucks Cashier: "Kk that will be $10.82"
They pay and get out of there
Dude 2: "Bleh... This hot chocolate tastes like COFFEE!!!"
Dude 1: "Shit happens when you go to starbucks bro."
by Mr.Donut August 06, 2012
The only place where a White Mocha Frappuccino or Caramel Macchiato can be called just coffee.
Man, I can't make it through the morning without my coffee. Thank God for Starbucks!

*Continues to drink milk-shake*
by Namelessness July 17, 2007
Starbucks is a widely popular and overpriced coffee franchise.

Hipsters diss it and promote "going local", teenage girls Instagram pictures of their drinks every time they go there, and regular people buy their caffeine and work or study in the quiet atmosphere.
A person walks into Starbucks, buys a $4 frappe, and walks out the door silently judging girls taking selfies with mocha cookie crumbles
by GritnGrind July 28, 2013
Where rich, self-righteous liberal college kids like to "hang" (loiter) all day on their laptops. They also enjoy taking advantage of free wi-fi connections while pretending to be good students and/or productive people in general.
Johnny: Holy crap, half of NYU's student body is trying to get into Starbucks!!
Joe: I know, and all of the Huffington Post newspapers from the newsstands on the way there are gone as well!
by Publius 2.0 March 06, 2013
A place to take a dump when you're in the city.
"Because there's no public restrooms around here, I'm just going to drop a deuce in this Starbucks."
by bobucks July 14, 2012
A famous coffee shop that 9 out of 10 teenage girls love.
Girl 1: We should like, go to starbucks.

Girl: I know, I'm so like, thirsty.
by RoseCandyFloss August 05, 2014