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Founded in Seattle and The best coffe ever. You can find one on every city block in Seattle, even the space needle
Person 1: Have you seen a starbucks in Seattle?
Person 2: Yes I have there on every city block
by soccerplaya7625 February 10, 2007
The true religion of the United States has become designer coffee-an affordable luxury. The cathedrals and churches of this addictive institution go by the trade name "Starbucks". Given the religious fervor of patrons of such establishments, these cafés are best defined as "St Arbuck's."
Shall we gather for our morning ablutions at St Arbuck's?
by HajMatz July 20, 2009
1. a place where menopausal women come to verbally abuse me cause their children have moved out to avoid the mental torture and their husbands are gladly away on business trips in third world countries.
2. a place where groups of 3-5 13 year old girls who have somehow managed to come across a jefferson all want a frappuccino of a different flavor, then change their mind while i'm halfway through making it.
3.a coffee house that has gained popularity with the masses by letting them know that their $3.10 for a 12 ounce drink is showing the rest of the world that they are indeed a cup above.
4. a place where annoying people are convinced that i want to hear their trials and tribulations.
5. a coffee house that serves a good cup of joe to the masses for a high price, was ruined by the invention of the evil frappuccino.
Frowning woman: half organic half soy with a splash of breve extra extra hot i mean exactly 187 degrees, and i carry a thermometer in my purse you sou better make it exactly 187 triple venti 5/7 decaf sugar free vanilla cafe latte. oh yeah and no foam.
Me: ok.
Frowning woman: (now scowling bitterly) oh you are writing it all wrong give me the cup and i'll write it myself. my usual Starbucks barista that i go to writes it in italics times new roman. hisssssssssss.
by Colin M. May 16, 2006
Where yuppies go every morning. also where white people who studied liberal arts in college go every day because they like to congregate and talk about how the job market is terrible when in reality they aren't qualified for any job because writing and analyzing poetry is not a job skill. You can expect to see tons of white college kids there as well complaining how college tuition has gone up, when their parents pay for it and their only expenses are DUI tickets and 5$ of starbucks every day for 4 years...do the math.
Suburban white kid: I'm making a starbucks run who wants to go?
Others: me me me!
They drive away
Black dude: why don't they study? Aren't they afraid their gonna get kicked out?
Hispanic: naw they pay full tuition so as long as they don't shoot anyone they're fine.
Inner city white kid: don't they realize they spend thousands of dollars on bad coffee every year?
Immigrant kid: my parents risked a lot to get here, I party, but ill loose my scholarship if I don't work.
Chinese kid: well maybe they don't need to do work all they take are minimum requirements and liberal arts courses, what do they plan on doing when they graduate?
by RepDCyouknowme October 14, 2010
Probably the most successful chain of coffee franchise around the globe. Founded back around 40 years ago, it has excelled it the proportion to fit the best taste for the majority of customers, providing the best taste and sensation to your tongue and mind then ever you can achieve. Alongside with all the delicate snacks available, these coffee shops might be as well a decent place as to study.
Harrison: " Hey why don't we chill at Starbucks? I really need a sanity boost right now. "

George: " Sure thing, really. "
by icnapple August 03, 2011
A coffee house company known for being the only thing in the world you can say is in every corner without exaggeration.
Starbucks stores are everywhere from the street right accross Starbucks, to a section inside China's holy Forbidden City.
Sure, this might be hilariously annoying, but hey, it's good coffee.
And at the same time, a not-so-bad corporation.
Granted, it used to be a bad corporation a decade ago, worthy of having had its windows smashed during the WTO protests in Seattle, and the ridiculous number of Starbucks-per-acre are a clear remnant of its scare tactics in which some of these coffee houses ran on deficit just so that small local coffee houses were forced to close down.
But this is a thing of the past, and, especially compared to any other corporation, Starbucks has had a change of heart.
Currently, their coffee is delicious, and supports Fair Trade. Maybe only 6% of its coffee comes from Fair Trade from small independent coffee-growing cooperatives, but that six percent is still half of the entire coffee fair trade in America. They pay their employers decently, and while its attempts at promoting a Bohemian-like culture and attitude with its jazzy music and overall ambient is at best mediocre, it's still more culture than the average American bothers to get involved in.
There is one bad thing with Starbucks though: most of its customers. Starbucks sells good coffee, but so do many other local coffee shops. It is only reasonable to buy the best tasting coffee, yet a big number of Starbucks customers go to Starbucks because it's Starbucks! Remember, flavor is very important, but so is buying local.
Trendy kid - Let's get a vente mocha at Starbucks.
Kid that thinks - Q8 makes a better mocha than Starbucks.
Trendy kid - But what social status does Q8 have?

Wannabe rebel kid - Man I hate Starbucks! It's a fucking corporation!
Kid that thinks - I hate greedy corporations as much as the next guy, but you do know Starbucks is very into Fair Trade and even closed all its stores for one day at the expense of millions of dollars just so that they could teach their employers better how to make a good cup of coffee?
Wannabe rebel kid - I did not know that...
*and both become the wiser thereafter*
by Alan Jimenez March 08, 2008
Major coffee shop chain that originated in Seattle and is now literally found everywhere in the world. Contrary to popular belief, the company charges you $4 not for the coffee, but for you to have the right to carry around their cups and feel cool. This is because their coffee sucks. Every person that has ever gone there has thought "I could make the exact same drink at home 10 times better". But most of them decide to return because it makes them feel cool. They also sell bad CD's that include "Dave Mathews band" and "Barbara Streisand". If they decide to charge $8 for the worst coffee ever people will buy it because it carries the Starbucks logo or just simply because they're idiots. Anyone who spends over $200 a year in Starbucks is an asshole. Their coffee is not good at all.
14 Year old girl: "Starbucks is sooo good."
40 Year old male (Girl's dad): "You have no idea what good coffee is, Starbucks sucks, you suck, you idiot.
by the truth about everything January 08, 2012