1:Sells good coffee (some of it free trade)
2(And most important): A place where I get all my homework done.
I got a cup of coffee and finished my homework at Starbucks today.
by zerolv May 02, 2008
A good place to hang out with a coffee and a book. Or, a place to stop before school to wake you up.
We're going to get a Starbucks before the test today, you in?
by Michelle P. September 02, 2007
Starbucks is a spectacular coffee-shop located in nearly every city in the United States. It is the fastest growing coffee related company in existance, and it's my personal favorite place to sit back, relax, hang out with some friends, and enjoy my favorite cup of coffee. Because of the wide variety available there, it isn't hard to go there and get something new and original from you coffee. Personally, I'm not sure why so many people dislike Starbucks so much, but I would love to hear why.
Server: Hello and Welcome to Starbucks! What would you like today?
Me: I would like a Frap' Java Chip, please.
Server (Usually about 20): Okay. One moment please.

This is an example of how the service at Starbucks is friendly and inviting
by Christophe Julien December 05, 2006
A coffeehouse chain originating from the original Starbucks founded in Seattle, Washington State in 1971. Starbucks originally sold only coffee beans and eqiupment refusing to exspand untill it was under new ownership in 1987. It's really the new owners that fucked it up.

Exspensive coffee but it's good, and their workers receive full benefits.
Dude: "You shouldn't go to Starbucks 'cause like someone told me theres these things called free-trades or something and theres this like globalization thing I heard about on the news one time, and Starbucks is bad or something... well, I'm goin' go smoke some more pot now."

Me: "Yes I go to Starbucks occasionally but it's the only coffeehouse I know of where I live and I've never seen a Dunkin' Donuts before in my life."
by Native Washingtonian April 28, 2008
synonymous with a smile, a great day, or something that really makes your day better.

anything that makes your life enjoyable, relaxing, and inspiring.
i love you. you are my starbucks.
by Jesse Colburn March 05, 2008
1. The first mate of Captain Ahab in Herman Melville's novel, Moby Dick.

2. An officer in the 1978 Battlestar Gallactica Series.

3. The callsign of Kara Thrace(played by Katee Sackhoff), one of the central characters in the reimagined Battlestar Gallactica series. She starts out as a wreckless fighter, going in guns blazing. However, her fighter(Viper) explodes and she returns claiming to know how to find Earth. She is later referred to as The Harbinger of Death. She eventually gets the last of humanity to Earth by numbers assigned to notes in the song "All Along the Watchtower." Without a doubt one of the most complex and intriguing characters to ever grace our television screens.
1. Ahab is a dick to Starbuck.
2. Starbuck is a straightlaced boring dude.
3. HOLY SHIT! I can't believe how Battlestar ended for Starbuck, is she an angel or what?
by MyanRueller August 07, 2009
1. place where 'yuppies' hang out in the city
2. best place to get coffee...mmm try a white-chocolate mocha
3. located around the corner
"I work at the starbucks on the corner of heather and broadway..."
"um there are like 12 starbucks there?"
by coca September 30, 2003
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