A conformist coffee shop found approximately 803.6ft apart(1 Block).
The drug lords are smart and I know they are using Starbucks as the transition safehouse. Dirty Dirty mexicans.
by Alvin T. December 03, 2004
An empire for rich, faggot yuppies that are gullible enough to pay $20 for a cup of bitter coffee.
Wow, look at that queer across the street at Starbucks doing homework on his laptop like he's got something fucking special for the whole world to witness..... where is my baseball bat?
by timmay October 15, 2004
a plan thought up by some idiot (see George Bush) that actually worked, eventually attempting to result in world domination. (see Borg)
"they're not actually a Starbucks, they just sell their coffee, so it's not really a Starbucks!" (Somewhere in Alaska)
by Orion January 15, 2004
Designer coffee chain that exploits coffee farmers all over the world in their quest for world domination of the beverage market.
Lets break the windows at Starbucks
by chimaera January 22, 2003
A place inherited by Dr. Evil.....its plan: to take over the Earth, then Venus, then mars, then uranus.
OMG noooooooo starbucks took away my favorite chinese reasturant..what will they take next?
by mavin June 26, 2006
Noun. The largest and most diabolical coffee company, renowned for their new popularity, despite the fact that it used to be a privately-owned business. This evil chain is despised by those in Milwaukee with enough sense to buy Alterra coffee (yum) that is naturally brewed in the heart of Milwaukee, without unnatural chemicals. Unfortunately, Starbucks cannot do the smart thing and become a Fair Trade company, because their business ethics can be summed up in one word - "quantity."
Did you know that Starbucks doesn't even bother to pull a decent shot (21-27 seconds)?
by SelfInducedPsychosis July 19, 2005
The McDonalds of coffee houses. Popular with the masses because of it's convenience of having a location on every corner and sometimes even located inside of other stores. Tries to pass off as a hangout for free-thinking artsy types when it is really an evil corporation that treats it's suppliers in developing nations like trash.
"The Man" gets his coffee at starbucks.
by renton August 25, 2004

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